The admissions process is a thorough one so that the school, parents and student can all be assured that Broccoli Hall is a good match. At any time during this process, the family or the school may determine that Corwin-Russell is not the right setting and end the process at that point.

  • The first step is to request information about us by phone, mail or email. In response, we send out an information packet designed to give a general flavor of our school and information about the faculty.

  • If interested, parents phone the school and speak with an admissions person to discuss the candidate.

  • If parents are interested in visiting the school during the day, they may attend a regularly scheduled Visiting Morning, a 90-minute group introduction to the school that includes a tour and conversation with students.

  • Records are sent or delivered to the school for review by the Admissions Committee.

  • Parents sign a release, and we speak to various people involved with the student, perhaps current teachers, evaluators, and/or a counselor.

  • If appropriate, we arrange an interview to introduce the student to the school. These interviews are usually after regular school hours.

  • If things look promising, the next step is an interview for the student with the Head of School.

  • If that interview is positive, the student is invited to visit the school for a day, sometimes more.

  • After the faculty, the Head of School and the Admissions Committee confer, they make a decision regarding acceptance.

For applicants wishing to enroll in the fall, the priority application deadline is January 15. While we need to receive the parent section of the application by January 15, we recognize that supporting materials, (testing, transcript, evaluations, etc. ) may arrive as late as January 31. Students who submit their applications by January 15 will be issued an admission decision by March 10. Students who apply after the date will receive an admission decision on a rolling basis as space allows.

Our Admissions Committee can be reached:

Via telephone: 978-369- 1444, extension 14
Via fax: 978-369- 1026
Via mail: The Corwin-Russell School
142 North Road
Sudbury, MA 01776

You may also contact our Director of Admissions, Cara Morine, via email at