The admissions process is a thorough one so that the school, parents and student can all be assured that Broccoli Hall is a good match. At any time during this process, the family or the school may determine that Corwin-Russell is not the right setting and end the process at that point.

  • The first step is to request information about us by phone, mail, fax or email. In response, we send out an information packet designed to give a general flavor of our school and information about the faculty.
  • If interested, parents phone the school and speak with an admissions person to discuss the candidate.
  • If parents are interested in visiting the school during the day, they may attend a regularly scheduled Visiting Morning, a 90-minute group introduction to the school that includes a tour and interaction with students.
  • Records are sent or delivered to the school for review by the Admissions Committee.
  • Parents sign a release and we speak to various people involved with the student, perhaps current teachers, evaluators, and/or a counselor.
  • If appropriate, we arrange an interview to introduce the student to the school. These interviews are usually after regular school hours.
  • If things look promising, the next step is an interview for the student with the Head of School.
  • If possible, the student is invited to visit the school for a day, sometimes more.
  • After the faculty, the Head of School and the Admissions Committee confer, they make a decision regarding acceptance.

Our Admissions Committee can be reached:

Via telephone: 978-369- 1444, extension 14
Via fax: 978-369- 1026
Via mail: The Corwin-Russell School
142 North Road
Sudbury, MA 01776

You may also contact our Director of Admissions, Cara Morine, via email at