Our Students

The Corwin-Russell School @ Broccoli Hall accepts very bright students whose past performance is not in keeping with their potential. In some cases, this has been complicated by a variety of social, personal, and neurological difficulties. Because we are small, and flexible, we could consider a wide variety of students, but we serve best the very intelligent student who should be able to thrive in school, but does not. Our students benefit most from a small, caring, community-focused school that emphasizes their many strengths, both in and out of class. The arts, drama, and technology are components of a strong academic curriculum which has been infused with language pragmatics, to benefit the student with shaky social skills. We accept students from grade 6-12 and age 11-19, with a post graduate year possible.

The school is not designed for students with primary behavioral and emotional difficulties or those who need a significant degree of supervision, external structure, or in-house counseling.