Our School

The Corwin-Russell School @ Broccoli Hall is a co-ed independent school for high-potential students 11-19, with varied learning styles, high average to superior intelligence, exceptional creativity, attentional issues, untapped interests, talents and strengths, and a disparity between innate ability and past production.

Rooted in the Latin “educare,” to lead, we define ourselves as leading students to discover and develop the best in themselves-- academically, creatively, socially, and personally. We base our educational philosophy on trust, responsibility, process, negotiation, expression, and a belief in each other and in the community.

For our students, traditional approaches to education have yielded self-doubt, misperception of true worth, poor choices, and an enormous fear of failure – real or perceived.

Broccoli Hall honors differences, and thereby enables students to thrive and achieve.

The Faculty are knowledgeable, dedicated, eclectic, diverse, creative, and exceptional individuals. These talents support a multi-faceted approach to learning, as a language-laden and skills-based experience merges with creativity and personality to form strong academic instruction, with a liberal dose of laughter.

Our students benefit from partnerships with area museums, colleges, and performance centers, a career exploration week, Project Feat, an outdoor education program, and our annual Drama Intersession for the month of January.