Meeting: 11/4/17


Jane Jakuc, Steve Lyne, Amy Adams, Mary Hutton, Michael English, Danielle Shupe, Jake O'Hara

Amy Adams-Jane Stark-Professional fundraiser-Thursday December 1 to come speak to school?  3pm.  Jane approved.  She would like to schedule a time to talk on the phone with Jane prior to meeting.  (Wealth engine-profile of giving).  Mission matching corporations. Does wealth engine also have information on Corporations? (Amy) Everyone should be at this meeting.

Steve discussed sources:

1.  Foundations/corporations

2.  Individual-especially grandparents

3.  Company gift matching dollars

4.  Estate planning

5.  "Divest in the future"-"Divest to Invest"

Talking about creating a giving portal on the website.  Not quite ready for it yet.

Danielle to call Gerry at Cummings regarding re-wording the grant.

Target $$ for 9/19, first campaign, has been changed to $1,000,000?

Danielle will talk to Ali Hillman regarding fundraising for for Emory and Henry neurodiverse new school from the Kellogg foundation.

Considering hiring afull time fundraiser, with direction from Jane Stark.  Danielle to post on LinkedIn or another appropriate site to see what type of people are responding and how much they are going to cost.  Waiting until after the state visit to post.  Allowable per Wendy to hire one.

Steve talked about creating a giving culture-100%, parents and faculty.  Future annual appeal.  Annual parent group get togethers for 100% giving.  Jake or Steve will give parent chair messaging to speak to parents about at the get togethers.Then, the annual appeal every December or spring.

Mike mentioned that we still need operating expense "giving" and need to balance that and explain to parents.

Amy asked how many scholarships we would be looking to pay per year.  Mike talked about giving financial aid only.  Also talked about educating parents on how to get reimbursed from the towns.

Jake Nunes will be talking to Paul Harrison at Middlesex School, Head of Development.

Talked about placing Scholarship Fund ad in the Playbill and having someone collecting money after the show.

No more using scholarship foundation, use "lettuce help fund".