Halls of Broccoli
    - A Birthday Poem

Amid the Halls of Broccoli
And cauliflower rooms
Zebras waltz and students learn
And Gavin’s go-kart zooms.

In these halls of academe
There’s much fun to be had.
More than is found in many schools
Which makes the students glad.

The teachers lead the students in
An academic dance
With tangents broached and subjects learned
Each student can advance

The acting in January
The Dramatic Intersession
Where tales of nuns or ballet dancers
Replace the normal lessons.

The voyaging of Project FEAT
On days of Tues and Thurs
Giving new chances to learn
About removing burrs

And who could forget the dogs?
Maebel, Skuggi and Rumo
They’ll cuddle up, then steal your lunch!
Unless you’re in the know.

Many stories to be told
After twenty-one years
“Here’s to another twenty”
A call, a toast, a cheer!

        - Sam Crane ‘19